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Jarvis Furnace Co. No. 1 Boston, Mass

From Boston and Bostonians, American Publishing and Engraving Co., New York, 1894.

JARVIS ENGINEERING COMPANY, Engineers and Contractors, Complete Outfits of Motive Power, No. 61 Oliver Street.The leading headquarters in Boston for steam supplies and complete outfits of motive power is the establishment of the Jarvis Engineering Company, whose business was originally established in 1870 by the Jarvis Furnace Company, and in 1883 the present company was incorporated, with a capital of $100,000, and is officered as follows, viz: K. M. Jarvis, president; F. A. Crawford, secretary; J. N. Pratt, treasurer and general manager. The company are prepared to promptly respond to every demand of steam users, and their services are in constant and important request not only in New England but throughout the United States. Their leading specialties, which they are prepared to supply at short notice, are the Jarvis Patent Furnace, Armington Sims Engine, National rocking grate bars, Sheffield grate bars. Sheffield shaking grate bars, American feed water heaters, steam plants for electric lighting, steam boilers, pop safety valves, sectional pipe covering and other steam supplies. This company have equipped and supplied such well-known houses as the Boston Electric Light Company, Aldine Light, Heat and Power Company, Edison Electric Illuminating Company, West End Street Railway, Boston Dyewood and Chemical Company, A. Cochrane Co., Burkhardt Brewery, A. J. Houghton Co., John Roessle, J. H. Chadwick & Co., K. Hollings & Co., Boston Post Office, Fiske, Coleman Co., among others in Boston; besides hundreds of houses in New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Montreal, Toronto, Kansas City. Atlanta, Minneapolis, Providence, Troy, Worcester, Cambridge, Des Moines. Charleston. S. C.; Denver, Col.; Portland, Me.; Harrislmrg. Pa.; St. Johns, N. F.; Charleston, W. Va.; Springfield, Mass. Nashua, N. H.; Rutland, Vt.; Vancouver, B. C; Richmond, Va.; Columbus, Ga.; Kearney. Neb.; Winnipeg, Man.: Alameda, Cal.; Freeport, 111.; Keading, Pa.; and elsewhere. The specialties of the company are likewise in growing demand in Europe, Mexico, the Sandwich Islands and other foreign ports. Illustrated catalogues sent on application. President Jarvis is a native of Maine, a resident of Maiden, Mass., and widely known as the inventor of the Jarvis Patent Furnace, or system of setting steam boilers, to utilize all kinds of cheap fuels, such as screening mixtures, slack coal, wet sawdust, coke screenings, etc.. and he and his coadjutors in the management are warmly to be congratulated on the deserved success enjoyed by this company.

From Power: Devoted to the Generation and Transmission, Vol. XXV, 1905:

Of the many arrangements, proprietary and otherwise, for improving combustion by injectlng heated air over the fire, the Jarvis furnace is one which has stood the test of years. The Jarvis Engineering Company has been located for nearly twenty years at 61 Oliver street, Boston, Mass., its business being based upon the Jarvis furnace, which is in successful use in hundreds of plants. The company is contractor also for complete steam plants and agent for a number of engineering specialties.